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Testing Vacuum Cleaners
Allergy Experts: Lenient Understanding & Bad Advice
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Guidelines From Academic Societies Have Deteriorated

The fact that vacuum cleaners are bad for people with allergies is common sense for the person who suffers from an allergy. However, as for the experts, they do not point out this fact. It is also not known among the home appliance manufacturers. On the contrary, they have issued advice that before sleeping, one should be using the vacuum cleaner in the bedroom.

Vacuuming in the bedroom emits dust and ticks straight out into the air of the room. It means people may be inhaling ticks or dust mites, the small insects that often live in beddings. Many people have developed severe allergies to ticks, dust mites and dust mite droppings. Actually, the living mites are not only the problem, but rather the fecal material they expel in futons, beddings and blankets. Also dead mites can be a problem. Thus, we cannot agree with the advice from allergy specialists and their academic societies.

Vacuum Cleaners Bad For People With Allergies: Common Sense

The guideline of the Japanese allergy specialist academic society has a section regarding adult bronchial asthma and vacuum cleaning: "Those machines with both a filter attachment and also double dust collection sacks are desirable". Regarding other allergies, they recommend the vacuum cleaner of the exhaust circulation [cyclone] type. Probably, they do not know what type they are describing, because the cyclone models also emit allergens into the air. This is common sense: it is obviously really bad for people with allergies. Japan Offspring Fund has stated that such advice is bad advice, and it shows that the so-called experts and their academic societies have a lenient or deficient understanding of the effects of their own guidelines.

Crushed Dust Mites Are Not Safe For People Suffering From Allergies

Hitachi CV-SG8 is a type of vacuum cleaner with a function to crush the tick or dust mite in the air that passes through the machine. It uses an elastic plate which we actually consider rather dangerous to people who suffers from allergies.

Since the insects are crushed, the number of allergens will increase. If one living tick or dust mite was placed in the palm of the person with the allergy, the reaction almost never appears. But it seems obvious that when it is sucked into this type of machine and becomes a fine powder, the proteins can cause a very severe allergic reaction.

In other words, the Hitachi CV-SG8 model with this function may be extremely problematic for people suffering from allergies.

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