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Stop PCB Pollution

What are PCBs ?

Worldwide PCB Pollution

Why PCB Pollution Continues

PCB Symposium 2002 in Japan

PCB Symposium 2003 in Malaysia

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Stop PCB Pollution
Have you ever heard of PCBs ?
We all have shared the benefits of PCBs. However, if we do not take action, it will be our children, and future generations, who have had nothing to do with PCB production and usage, who face the detrimental consequences. We should not leave negative legacies of the 20th century to future generations. Putting an end to this problem within our generation is a responsibility for the whole world.
For Elimination of PCBs from Asian countries (PENANG DECLARATION ON POPs)
We, the participants from countries in the Asia-Pacific region to the International Symposium on PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) express here our concern about the continuing presence of POPs in our environment and their harmful effects on human and animal health.

What are PCBs ?
Why were PCB used and why should they be prohibited ?
In what kinds of products have PCBs been used ?
From the production of PCBs to their prohibition
Let's make governments ratify the Stockholm Convention
Worldwide PCB Pollution
PCBs can be found almost anywhere on the earth.
Warnings from wild animals
Pollution of human beings is on going
Photo:Center for Marine Environmental Studies (CMES), Ehime University
Why PCB Pollution Continues
Slow progress in the elimination of PCBs
A Source of pollution is products in use.
Waste dumping sites can also be polluting sources
STOP PCB pollution immediately.
Photo:Center for Marine Environmental Studies (CMES), Ehime University

The Current Situation in Asian Countries
Let's eliminate PCBs from Asia.
PCB Symposium2002
Country report from Japan
Country report from Malaysia
Country report from Korea

Country report from Taiwan
Country report from Hong Kong
Comparison of the current situations in each country
Activities of 2002-2003

PCB Symposium 2003 in Malaysia
For Elimination of PCBs from Asian countries (PENANG DECLARATION ON POPs)
STOP PCB Symposium (2003/2/24)
Project : Contamination of dumping site in Malaysia
Canada: Effecting Awareness of "The Oceans We Share"
Australia: PCBs as Hazardous Wastes: The Australian Experience
Taiwan: Twenty-Four Years after the Yucheng Incident--Current Update on PCBs Issues in Taiwan
Malaysia: PCBs Situation in Malaysia
STOP PCB Workshop (2003/2/25)
Case study: POPs in human breast milk
Japan: Country report from Japan
Korea: What CACPK do ? STOP! PCBs
Hong Kong: PCBs Situation in Hong Kong
China: PCBs Pollution in China
Indonesia: The Current Situation on PCBs in Indonesia

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