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About the Japan Offspring Fund ?

About the Japan Fund for Global Environment

About the Japan Fund for the Global Environment

JOF's "STOP PCBs Project" is supported by the Japan Fund for the Global Environment.

With a grant from the Japan Fund for the Global Environment, since 2001 The Japan Offspring Fund has been working on a project called "Prevention of Environmental Pollution by Organic Chlorine Compounds, such as PCBs in the Asian Region." We have taken a wide range of actions, including bringing out posters in six languages to promote the abolishment of PCBs, holding an international symposium, and participating in the Stockholm Conference of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and Codex Alimentarius of the World Health Organization (WHO) and Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

<What is the Japan Fund for the Global Environment?>

The Japan Fund for the Global Environment (JFGE) was established in 1993 under the Japan Environmental Corporation to assist environmental efforts by NGOs and to promote capacity building necessary for the development of programs for environmental protection. The Japan Environmental Corporation supports environmental protection activities and promotes a project for the treatment of PCBs in Japan. JFGE is supported by various funds and donations from citizens and cooperatives, and is run under the supervision of its board of directors. Information of the projects supported available to the public.

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