Japan Offspring Fund(JOF) is a consumer group and environmental NGO established in 1984. We have researched issues involving the safety of daily life, including chemical residues, endocrine disruptors, and genetically engineered food.

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Japan Offspring Fund (JOF) Monthly Newsletter
April 2005, No.192

* Atopy (eczema) can be cured

Dr. Terasawa has developed a system for treating atopic dermatitis (eczema). Dr. Terasawa, at his pediatric clinic in Sendai city, has seen improvement among patients suffering from this often severe skin problem. Atopy is the common name for skin disorders, usually red patches and weeping blisters. His advice, based on an understanding of the most common triggers for atopy, includes avoiding the following:

1) Tobacco
2) Mothballs
3) White rice which has been oxidized

* Codex discussions about genetically modified foods

We report about the developments in WHO/FAO Codex Alimentarius Commission regarding genetically modified foods. At a meeting in Malaysia 9-13 May, the issue of GM labelling will be discussed. Japan Offspring Fund will participate at the meeting as part of the IACFO delegation.

* Limits on Japanese bank guarantees

The government lifted its guarantee on bank deposits from April 1. The government will protect deposits up to 10 million yen (94,300 dollars). We discuss the consequences for consumers.


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