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GMO"StarLink"Found from Japanese Product (October 26, 2000)

"StarLink" Found from Cornmeal Sold in Japan
Anti-GMO campaigning group NO! GMO CAMPAIGN (based in Tokyo and chaired by the Consumer Union Japan) had a press release on Oct.25 and reported that they found StarLink in Japanese product too.

The No GMO! Campaign found StarLink from corn meal which are widely used in Japan among house wives who make bread and muffins at home. The Campaign tested 6 products sold in ordinary Japanese super markets and found StarLink from 1 product.

Since Japan import more than 80% of corn from the US, and the US do not segregate GMO and non-GMO, this result was something expected. Though, StarLink is not approved for both animal feedings and food uses in Japan.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare expressed their positions few hours later the report by the Campaign and stated that:

The MHW will conduct the confirming test on the product which the Campaign found contamination and also other products which were produced from the same lot or at the same period of time.

The MHW will ask the producer of the product to self restrain the sales of the product until those test results come out.

The MHW is planning to ask the producer of the product to trace back the processing process to the ingredient stage, and report to the MHW.

Also through the United States Ambassador, the MHW will request the US to carry out the needed steps to avoid the contamination of StarLink in foods which will be imported to Japan.


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