Japan Offspring Fund(JOF) is a consumer group and environmental NGO established in 1984. We have researched issues involving the safety of daily life, including chemical residues, endocrine disruptors, and genetically engineered food.

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Testing Vacuum Cleaners
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Vacuum Cleaners Can Make You Sick

Allergy Experts: Lenient Understanding & Bad Advice

Using Vacuum Cleaner With Windows Closed May Cause Pneumonia

Why Does Asthma Occur Between Midnight And Dawn?

Size Of Small Dust Makes Big Difference

Cyclones And HEPA Filters

Designed To Be Dangerous?

International Standard Needed For Vacuum Exhaust Safety

Bad For Your Health

Putting Dyson To The Test

How Loud Is Your Vacuum Cleaner?
Best in test: Electrolux Oxygen Z5954

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