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Testing Vacuum Cleaners
Why Does Asthma Occur Between Midnight And Dawn?
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The Dust From The Exhaust Drifts For A Long Time

Usually, asthma attacks or allergic itching often occur between midnight and dawn. There are several theories as to why this may happen. For example, as you move in your sleep, you stir up allergens contained in the beddings or futon. Alternatively, the dust particles in the interior air slowly fall down towards the bed or floor where you are sleeping. It is likely that if you made your bed just before you went to sleep, you caused more allergens to be released into the room from your beddings.

What is often overlooked is that the use of a vacuum cleaner before going to bed can cause severe allergic reactions. The reason is that most machines emit air filled with dust particles, allergens and other particles. This is a problem if the vacuum cleaner is not designed properly. A good vacuum cleaner should collect dust and not emit particles into the air. Actually, most vacuum cleaners emit particles that are 1 micron or less, which can have the same effect in the air of your bedroom as cigarette smoke.

Japan Offspring Fund recommends those who are worried about the air quality of your room to avoid vacuum cleaning before going to bed, and to open windows when using a vacuum cleaner in order to replace polluted interior air.

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